Lcdo. Fernando L. Rodríguez Mercado / Lcda. Rocio Hernández Caussade


  • #3 Calle Valeriano Muñoz, San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico 00754


Products or Services

  • Litigation damages (falls, traffic accidents, medical malpractice), among others; corporations (certificate of incorporation, corporate resolutions, etc.); civil lawsuit, among others.

    Cases are addressed throughout Puerto Rico, particularly in the Central area and east.

Payment methods

  • CashCash

Lawyers in Puerto Rico admitted to practice in the Federal Court and State Courts, with over 25 years experience in family matter (divorce, pension food, custody, etc.). Heritage (declarations of inheritance, wills, probate), notary (purchases, donations, powers, segregation, records of ownership, easements, contracts, affidavits, home insurance records, affidavits).