Lcda. Moraima Carrasquillo Colón

Lcda. Moraima Carrasquillo Colón

 Abogado - Notario


  • Carr. #908 Km. 1 Edificio Oriental Local L-106, Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791


Products or Services

  • We work on a wide variety of cases, among them:
    • Claims for damages
    • Protection orders
    • Evictions
    • Money collection
    • Criminal cases
    • Alimony fixing, modification and relief of alimony payments
    • Custody, filiation and filial relations.
    • We also offer notary services, specifically the preparation of affidavits, contracts, home insurance certificates, marriage contracts, etc.

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • ATHMovilATHMovil
  • CheckCheck

We offer legal representation in different areas of law. Among these: civil, criminal and family law.

We also offer notary services.

Our focus is to assist our clients with seriousness, diligence, respect and empathy.