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Lcda. Iris N. Miranda Rovira

Lcda. Iris N. Miranda Rovira

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  • • By way of general information, when a person dies intestate, was born what is known as the Intestate Succession.

    • For this and much more the hope in the offices to clarify and to give you the best service.

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Lawyers are needed, throughout history, we have seen how they advise people in two important stages of their life. In order to process an inheritance, the first thing to be determined is if the deceased person, also called the deceased, made a will or if he did not do any. When a person dies without having made a valid will, it will be necessary for an inheritance lawyer to prepare a document known as Petition Regarding Declaration of Inheritors. In general, this document will be filed in court or court where the person had his assets indicating when the deceased was born, when and where he died, his marital status, that he did not leave a will, left assets, and a list of his heirs. The importance of this document is that the court will issue a resolution where it will be indicated who are the heirs of the deceased with right over the inheritance that left and in what proportions.