Colegio Mercedes Morales


  • Urb. Victor Braegger #10 Calle Eugene, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00966


Products or Services

  • Programs
    • Special education
    • One on one (one on One)
    • Independent life and transition
    • Adapted academic

    • Individualized attention
    • Small groups
    • Related and support services
    • Adapted physical education
    • Computer classes
    • Student organizations and / or clubs
    • Troop, Manada and Crew 134 of the Bous Scouts of America

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Mercedes Morales College (CMMI) was founded by Mrs. Mercedes García de Morales in 1959, with the purpose of educating students from preschool to intermediate level individually. Currently, CMMI is a private nonprofit school of educational excellence with vast experience in the field of special education.

• Mission
CMMI's mission is to educate children and young people, so that they develop their intellectual, social, emotional and physical abilities, and their skills and concepts in a preschool organization by levels in small groups. We serve the strengths and needs of the student through the programs of independent living, transition, and regular adapted academic.

• Vision
Educate students between 5-21 years of age who present difficulties in learning so they can succeed. We achieve this through individualized education by levels to achieve independence and better quality of life.