Colegio Hostosiano de P.R.

Colegio Hostosiano de P.R.

 "Procuramos fomentar el respeto a la propiedad privada, el medio ambiente y el respeto a sí mismo"


  • Calle 8 Interior W-20 Magnolia Gardens, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00959


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Colegio Hostosiano de P.R. provides educational services from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade high school. We perceive the educational process as interactive, creative, stimulating and composed one where we seek to promote respect for private property, the environment and respect itself.

We strongly believe that the small group provides power to maximize the potential in each of our students.

We have small groups at all levels of education and offer guarantee of reasonable accommodations. When you visit you'll discover: cooperative learning, strengthening values, developing self-esteem and support for parents. We offer extended hours, in addition to speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and literacy in school.

Sports program for outstanding students. Principles of Agriculture, Creation of Orchards, Composting, Planting and Irrigation.

Sports program for outstanding students.

Teaching directed with Principles of Agriculture * Creation of Orchards * Composite * Sowing and Irrigation

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