Colegio Amarileen Elemental

Colegio Amarileen Elemental


  • AK-14 Valle Arriba Heights, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00983-4701


Products or Services

  • A. Your child develops in a healthy and familiar environment.

    B. Affectionate staff who provide your child with care from the time he / she arrives at the school in the morning until his / her departure time, treating each student's need in a special way.

    C. Experiences rich in values ​​and principles.

    D. Special snack on some Fridays (Additional cost)

    E. Extended care

    F. Nutritious and balanced lunch included in the monthly payment.

    G. Physical Education.

    H. Free care in the morning from 6:30 a.m. at 8:00 a.m.

Mission and vision

The Amarileen School, Inc. At its elementary and intermediate level pursues the development of an individual integrated into the new technological trends where their intellectual, moral and social skills using education as an instrument.

The Amarileen School aims to provide society with an individual who is an example of the highest civic and ethical levels so that the search for good and justice is promoted.

The Amarileen School maintains the highest standards of educational excellence based on compliance with the Institution's social commitment, appreciating and respecting the potential of each of our students.


Our Institution conceives education as the means to acquire the necessary tools that help the student to become a useful being to society capable of making responsible decisions and solving problems based on knowledge. We see education as the key to humanization that allows the student to live in a happier and fairer world.

We are located:

Nivel Pre-Escolar - AK-14 Calle Naranjo, Valle Arriba Heights, Carolina, P.R. 00983

 Nivel Elemental e Intermedio - Vía 18, DR1 Villa Fontana, Carolina P. R. 00983