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We are an educational, legal and compliance entity in the cannabis industry. We assist clinics, doctors, patients and the wider community in the process of licensing, training and online education. In addition to having cannabis experts, our team is composed of professionals with vast experience in the legal, health, agriculture and manufacturing fields.

We're currently offering online courses (click for more info):
1. Occupational leave course (basic course required by the health department in order to be able to work in the industry
2. Dispensary technician (specialized course for which you are going to work in a dispensary)

3. Good agricultural practices (specific course for the one who will work in the crop)

4. Good manufacturing practices (specialized course for you to go to work in a manufacturing)

5. Course for security personnel (specialized course to which you will offer security services)

6. Good laboratory practice (specialized course to which you will work in a laboratory)