Agrimensor René Guerra Menéndez

Agrimensor René Guerra Menéndez


  • Calle Pilar Defilló #118, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00680


Products or Services

  • • Mensura y planes Topográficos
    • Solar segregation
    • Map Geo-referencing System, NAD-83 for the CRIM
    • Study for sanitary and storm drain systems
    • Bridge Replacement study
    • Field work for hydraulic hydrological study
    • Management to the Permit Office
    • Location query
    • Court expertise
    • Deslinde de Zona Marítimo Terrestre

This firm is a society with the goal of  planning and designing works within the major disciplines of civil engineering, namely roads, bridges, Hydraulic Works, institutional, commercial and residential facilities and surveying works.

The firm is composed of engineers and surveyors prepared and trained to provide all the professional study and design services required for the development of the projects.