Dra. Karla Maldonado

Dra. Karla Maldonado

 "We take care of the internal and external dental health of our patient"


  • #101 Ave. San Patricio Suite 830 Maramar Plaza, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968


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  • • We care about the internal and external dental health of our patients, providing quality services and generate oral care can also show off a radiant smile.

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Dr. Karla Maldonado is a professional dentist dedicated to oral health care through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of possible diseases that affect the dental area. We deliver to our customers integrated services including care and oral rehabilitation, dental care, preventive dentistry, oral surgery, prosthetic treatment, extractions, periodontics, and orthodontics, dental scaling and prophylaxis, implants, cosmetic dentistry, among others.

Dr. Maldonado is a specialist with extensive training, worried constantly update the knowledge to adapt to changes and new processes that facilitate the patient positive dental experience using modern processes and effective but less aggressive time.