Dr. Denis F. Ruiz Serrano

Dr. Denis F. Ruiz Serrano

 "Dr. Denis F. Ruiz Serrano - Cardiólogo - Nuclear Physician"


  • Hospital UPR Carolina Piso 1, Ave. 65 Infantería, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00984



  • • Most Health Plans accepted.

Products or Services

  • • Professional, personalized treatment, patients per hour, record system and digital images are cited.

    • Patients who attend these services require nursing care, resulting from both the diversity of explorations with particular characteristics, such as pathology susceptible to study and / or treated with these procedures.

Payment methods

  • CashCash

Nuclear medicine is a specialty of medicine today. Nuclear medicine imaging agents or radiopharmaceuticals, which are formed by a conveyor drug and a radioisotope used. These radiopharmaceuticals are applied within the human body in various ways (the most used is the intravenous route). Once the radiopharmaceutical is inside the body, it is distributed by different bodies depending on the type of radiopharmaceutical used. Where the radioactivity is detected by a radiation detector device called a gamma camera and stored digitally. Then the information obtained images of the whole body or organ under study is processed. These images, unlike most obtained in radiology, functional and molecular imaging, ie, are displayed as operating organs and scanned or reveal alterations thereof tissues at the molecular level.