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PET Imaging Radiology

PET Imaging Radiology

 Some images capture life, ours help save it


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  • • We accept most medical plans, including health reform

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  • • We process authorizations for studies
    • We offer a personalized service
    • We have a high quality equipment and technology in the modality of molecular radiology known as PET
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PET/CT is an imaging modality which allows more certainty in location and stage, more precise treatments and better monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases. With us you can feel calm, because we use most advanced technological equipment.

Our professionals will provide you with a complete, efficient, safe service and you can be certain you will obtain an accurate and reliable diagnosis.

Asking the important questions

How our technology is different from other centers?
Our PET scanner is the General Electric Discovery IQ 4 PET/CT scanner. This is one of the most advanced PET/CT scanners ever produced. We recognize that there are other facilities that you may be considering for your PET scan. Patients should always do some research and ask a few questions before choosing were to have their scan.

How long will my PET Scan take?
In Puerto Rico, the average PET scan time is between 30 and 45 minutes. Our average PET/CT scan time is only 20 minutes. That's 50% faster than any other PET scanner in the area.
lf you have back pain or trouble lying in a scanner for prolonged periods of time, this is an important factor to consider. On average, our patients spend less than 1.5 hours total when compared to other institutions. This includes paperwork, some preparation and the PET scan itself.

How much radiation will l receive for my PET scan?
AII PET scans require some amount of radioactivity in order to work. However, some PET scanners need more than others in order to produce PET scan images. The average radiation dose for other PET scanners in our area is between 13 and 20 "mCi". ( the unit for measuring radiation dose ) Our advanced scanner allows us to use less than 1 O mCi, which is in many cases more than 70º/o less.

What is the age of your current PET scanner?
At PET lmaging Radiology Corp. of Puerto Rico, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and technology in order to deliver the latest medical technology advances to our patients as soon as they are available. We spend more than any of our competitors to constantly deliver the latest
and most up to date technological advances to our patients. You get all the benefits of the newest and state of the art technology at absolutely no additional cost to you.
A PET scan is one of the most powerful and effective imaging procedures to revolutionize modern medicine. As advanced as PET technology has become , there are a few things you can do to help make sure you get the most out of your PET scan. Please take a moment to review the guidelines below, and as always call us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you. lf you are diabetic or have any special needs, please contact our office for assistance.

Wha t can I eat or drink ?
lt is very important that you do not have any food or drink ( except water) for 4 hours prior to your appointment , as this may severely degrade the PET images. lf possible, try to avoid caffeine or strenuous exercise for 24 hours as well. Otherwise, please take your normal medications as prescribed, but only with water.

What should I bring?
Any prior radiology tests, paperwork and other medical history can be of great help to our Radiologists when reading your PET scan . Our doctors will review this information and incorporate it into your PET scan report. These items will usually be returned to you before you leave our facility. Try to leave any metallic accessories at home ( such as jewelry ), as they can interfere with PET images.

What should I expect?
Our PET scanner is the fastest and most accurate in the region, so expect to rest comfortably under warm blankets for only about 20 minutes while the PET scanner quietly does its work.
Expect to spend about 2.5 hours total in our Center, which includes completing some paperwork, resting in a comfy recliner after a small injection and then the PET scan itself.

What happens next?
Once your PET scan is complete, you can eat. You will immediately received a small snack to enjoy. Many patients request a copy of their PET scan on CD, and we are happy to quickly provide this for you. Once you leave our facility, you may resume your normal daily activities.