Centro de Balance y Vestibular Dra. Julia Gil


  • Calle 30 UU-43 Urb. Santa Juanita, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00960


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  • Our program is committed to helping people who suffer from dizziness, vertigo and imbalance. Research indicates that most of the problems of dizziness and imbalance is caused by disorders of the inner ear.

    Recent studies reveal that these people benefit from vestibular rehabilitation. Vestibular Rehabilitation Our services are directed to restore function and relieve symptoms.

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Balance and Vestibular Center Dra. Julia Gil is the first facility established in Puerto specializing in the rehabilitation of balance, dizziness and vertigo Rico. Led by Dr. Julia Gil, who holds a PhD in Public Health Investigative is Fisioterapista, and has been certified by the American Physical Therapy Association as a specialist in Vestibular Rehabilitation in Basic and Advanced Courses Competition at Emory University. Dedicated to the specialized practice Vestibular Rehabilitation since 1998. He serves as a clinical instructor in the area of ​​Vestibular Rehabilitation for Medical Sciences Campus and offers continuing education courses for professionals in this area. Besides lectures on fall prevention in the community.  The professionals of our team of rehabilitation are physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, with Masters Degree and Associate Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of PR.