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Practical Solutions Law Services is an innovative legal office aimed at offering all types of legal services in the civil, criminal, and notary areas in the town of Aguadilla. Our services are directed to the entire community, where our clients can be served and served in a professional, ethical and flexible schedule according to their needs.

Our legal office, located on Highway 110 km 27.7 of the Aguacate neighborhood in Aguadilla (opposite the Hewlett Packard), is managed by Miosoti Nairí Valentín Alfonso.

Our vision is to work for our clients and to be recognized as a legal company that fully responds to the legal needs of every person, through a defined action oriented towards legal advice and representation, which guarantees the specialization and quality of its services.

Available services

Civil Cases - Contracts, Damages, Inheritances, Family

Less serious criminal cases - drunkenness, ticket review, protection orders, among others.

Family - Marriages, Divorces, Settlement of Assets, Custody, Pension, Parental Rights, Emancipation, among others.

Contracts - All types of private contracts are drafted to ensure that these documents contain the necessary clauses to ensure and legalize your legal business.

Divorces - There are several causes and legal procedures to carry out a divorce process. The recent amendments have allowed notaries to execute divorces by public deed, in addition to traditional divorce hearings. We provide safe and trusted guidance to choose the alternative that fits your needs.

Marriages (Weddings) - We have the Marriage Celebrant license issued by the Demographic Registry to celebrate your wedding and be participants of that important moment in your life. We guide you on the processes, licenses and permits you need and we will make your ceremony an unforgettable one.

You are provided with guidance on marriage agreements, if required to protect your finances once the marriage is celebrated.

Relicto Flow Planning (Inheritance and Legacies)

We guide all our clients in the planning of unforeseen events in the preparation of wills, safe home certificates and declarations of last will.

Our services include the preparation of declarations of heirs and the relict flow sheet for the process of partition and inheritance.

Weapons License and Portability Permit

The safety of our customers is our greatest commitment. In times like those that we live with high criminal incidence, we guide our clients in their process of obtaining weapons license with target shooting category and carrying weapons according to the applicable laws. We help you process all the documents required by government agencies to facilitate obtaining your license.

Notary and Scriptures

All kinds of minutes and writings are worked in a professional, fast and accessible way.

Safe Home Act
Purchase and Sale
Cancellation of Mortgage Payments
Marriage contract

Bilingual Services

We offer our customers professional legal services in a language they can understand. In financial organization and execution of legal documents, we are your solution.