Centro de Inspección My Friend

Centro de Inspección My Friend


  • Km 29.1 Carretera #2, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico 00692


Products or Services

  • • We facilitate and expedite the management, marbete and inspection processes
    • Real ID learning and driving license
    • Identification Real iD
    • Birth certificate and passport
    • Conventional or REAL ID renewal (within or after 30 days of expiry date)
    • Licence duplicates
    • Handover
    • Duplicates for license plates, tags and license
    • Driver Records
    • License Plate replacement from decay
    • Vehicle registration

    In addition:
    • Oil and Filter change
    • Car wash
    • Detailing

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • PayPalPayPal
  • ATHMovilATHMovil
  • Credit CardCredit Card

We have 2 inspection centers located in Dorado and Vega Alta. With marbetespr.com you can start the inspection and tag process, saving time and long lines. 

Also, we'll take it to your home or business! Start the process now and enjoy our services.