TLC Auto Repair Parts & Body, Inc.


  • Carr. 845 D-29 L-1, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico 00976


Products or Services

  • * Diagnosis of Engine and Performance
    * Electrical system: battery, alternator stator, power window / locks, lights.
    * Cooling System: radiator, water pump, hoses.
    * Tune-Up: The spark plugs, fuel filter and air filter is normally replaced, the ignition timing (timing) and driving (idle) are adjusted.
    * Grease, Oil and Filter Change: The element of regular maintenance on all vehicles to keep your engine running smoothly.
    * Preventive Maintenance
    - Steering and Suspension
    - Brakes
    - Vehicle Inspections
TLC Auto Repair, Parts and Body, Inc. understand that trust is a big problem in the automotive repair industry. That's why we strive to keep our customers informed throughout the process of repairing your vehicle. Know and understand what is going on with your vehicle it provides security and helps you to better maintain your vehicle. Stop by today and experience the peace of mind that your car is in good hands.

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