Ocasio Gate-O-Matic

Ocasio Gate-O-Matic

 "Serving Puerto Rico 24 years"


  • HC - 61 Box 4594, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico 00976


Products or Services

  • We offer sales, installation and repair for all types of electric gates and garage doors.

    Contract offer commercial, residential and industrial maintenance. We offer blacksmith.

Payment methods

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Ocasio Gate-O-Matic is a Puerto Rican corporation. We cover all your needs for residential access, such as garage doors, gates and fencing, and operators that open and close garage doors and gates provide security. We cover all your needs for commercial and industrial access to high-traffic areas with restricted access in which methods need access control, or places with gates and bars where large commercial operators need with force constantly open and close these large gates. Many residences looking railings and gates for which large traders need.