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  • - Maintain a vast inventory consists of a wide variety
    of high-tech GPS units and accessories.
    - Respond quickly to all requirements and needs of
    our customers.
    - We offer expert advice.
    - We conduct rigorous quality controls.
    - Defender 2.0
    - GPS Protek
    - Fleet Command

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Skypatrol is the industry leader with over 900,000 units sold worldwide GPS. We offer vehicle monitoring and supervision of staff through GPS technology. 24 hour service in Puerto Rico, United States and Virgin Islands. The system generates over 20 reports and charts, including: • location and vehicle speed • routes history • each stop time • miles driven per day, week or month • fuel consumption • hours worked in each vehicle Events and alerts are transmitted by e-mail or text message: • maintenance alert • route deviation and extended shutdown • Speeding alert • perimeters • Motor on / off • excess inactivity (car parked with engine running) • unauthorized activity vehicle • Late start route Benefits: • saves operational costs in managing the fleet fuel consumption and spending time salary extraordinary "overtime" • increases productivity and employee safety • increase the level of service by reducing response time to determine which vehicle is more close to a desired location • maximizes service routes and schedules • increases the likelihood of recovery of the vehicle in case of theft • reduce insurance costs by reducing losses and claims

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