San Juan Towing & Marine Service


  • Muelle 15 (Talleres), San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907


Products or Services

  • Ship Repair
    Waterfront Service & Supplies
    24x7 Marine Response

    Heavy Mechanical
    Hydraulic / Pneumatic
    Electrical / Electronic
    ABS & AWS Qualified Welders
    AWS Certified Welding Inspection
    AWS Certified Welding Supervision
    Oil spill response
    Offshore Deliveries
    Project Management
    Equipment Rental
    Logistical Support
    Personnel Support
    Heavy Lift Support
    Salvage Blasting
    UHP Water Jetting
    Coatings Application
    SSPC Coatings Inspection
    Fleeting & Storage
    Local Knowledge
    Harbor Services

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • Credit CardCredit Card
A local ship repair contractor serving the commercial maritime industry in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since 1997. Whatever, Wherever, and Whenever best describes the “can do” attitude and approach to shipboard problem solving. Our vision is to operate the most advanced ship repair facility in Puerto Rico in order to service local and foreign vessels by employing a specialized and highly trained core staff and a dedicated group or industry professionals and subcontractors in order to carry out work quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost possible in order to provide a quick turnaround and maximize our customers’ satisfaction. Our mission is to operate the best ship repair facility in the Caribbean and provide necessary ship repair services in a safe and profitable manner. Realizing the obstacles that need to be overcome and that satisfied customers are our best assets, we will strive to provide the best services at competitive prices placing customer satisfaction, long term growth and business development first, while concurrently developing and improving the drydock facilities into a functional and efficient marine industrial center.