Product Management Advisors


  • Caribe Plaza Office Building 6to piso calle Palmeras #53, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901


Products or Services

  • Consulting Services
    • Optimize your product management function, tools, and processes
    • Market analysis
    • Execute customer research to determine critical needs required for your products
    • Define products based on market/segments needs
    • Develop short-term and long-term product roadmaps
    • Work with, and guide development/engineering teams
    • Design/manage beta programs
    • Competitive analysis
    • Product Life Cycle Management

    • Product Management Training
    • In-house, customized Training
    • Public Training

    Product Development Outsourcing Services
    • Bring us your Idea and we will help you develop it, validate it, and will manage the complete development process for you trough launch.

• Product Management Advisors can help your company define and align the five pillars of Product Management: Vision, Market Knowledge, Strategy, Design and Execution. This, and other models, along with the tools and PMA consulting will allow your business to bring winning, customer-focused products and services to market faster. • Did you know that 60 to 95% of new products and services fail, and most of existing products do not generate the profits that they should? The reasons for this range from poor product/service definition, to weak or no market research at all. • Let PMA help you overcome these and other obstacles. Our Product Managers are not only experienced but certified, and our Product Management framework have been proven to work