P C & Associates Corp


  • 1259 AVE PONCE DE LEON, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907-3919


Products or Services

  • PC & ASSOCIATES CORP offers:
    - Brand Positioning
    - Promotions
    - Product Launching
    - Personnel Training
    - Brand Development
    - Market Analysis
    - Sales and Marketing
    - E.D.I. Services
    - Programs in:
    - Merchandising
    - Distribution Center
PC & ASSOCIATES, CORP. is a high-end brands distribution company with a solid marketing and sales background in the cosmeceuticals, fragrances, custom jewelry and watches industries for the Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American markets. Your Knowledgeable Partner PC & ASSOCIATES, CORP. is the best option for any supplier who pursues to better fulfill customer needs based on our more than 25 years of experience and our full knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing, brand positioning and development.