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Clínica Médica Dr. Soler - Grupo Médico Familiar


  • 1700 Santa Agueda, Urb. San Gerardo, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926


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    • PHEN FIT
    • ULTRAFIT Coffee
    • Protect CARDIO AF
    • Protect PLUS SO
    • Protect IRON
    • DiuretiFit
    • Diabetic Balance

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Dr. Soler MIC Ultra Fit program will help your body burn fat! What is Dr. Soler MIC Ultra Fit?
Dr. Soler MIC Ultra Fit, also known as MIC Ultra Fit, is a combination of lipotropic amino acids and B complex, obtained from a rigorous conjugation process. These amino acids are responsible for converting our body fat into energy sources and its benefits are obtained orally (tablet). A dietary supplement used by thousands for successful weight loss.
How does Dr. Soler MIC Ultra Fit work?
Although the effectiveness of this supplement for permanent weight loss has been widely discussed, the expert sources in its favor allege that, since it deals with the utilization and metabolization of indigestible body fat, when consumed part of this revolutionary supplement remains in the stomach accumulating certain amounts of fat around it, which will later be eliminated from the body without giving it time to adhere and generate overweight or cholesterol. In the same way, a process of redistribution and stabilization of body fat begins.
And while there are many studies on the qualities of methionine, inositol and choline, our one-of-a-kind formula is effective in reducing fat absorption and helping to eliminate fat. Because of its effectiveness, as formulated, it can be considered a novel treatment on which a weight-loss regimen could be based, and a complementary weight maintenance tool.