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  • Área Metro y Pueblos Limítrofes



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Products or Services

  • We handle situations such as:
    • Short Circuit
    • Residential and commercial electrical certifications
    • Switch panel
    • Light meters
    • Transfer switch and power plants
    • Chargers for Electric Vehicles
    • Wiring
    • Fans and lamps
    • Wiring
    • Publications
    • Underground
    • Cargo Census
    • Substations and transformers
    • Electric motors
    • Solar system
    • Smart House
    • Construction in general

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Fuentes Electric Perito Electrician is a company dedicated to provide EMERGENCY services, maintenance, repairs and electrical installations in homes, businesses and industries throughout the Metro area and surrounding towns for over 20 years. We offer customers a high quality and reliability in the services we provide. We solve all types of electrical problems in order for the customer to maintain their electrical service as they deserve.

Don't let unexpected outages wreak havoc on your daily activities and cause permanent losses. The owner of this company has been an Electrical School Teacher for years, as well as a self-employed Electrician.

Remember we attend all emergency cases as well as you can make an appointment to attend you.

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Certain restrictions apply

Expert Electrician and Professor Lic. 10301