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  • February 2011, our company met with highly qualified personnel of Federal Agencies (FHWA & NCAT) to present results of research and testing in our Design Lab to Technology "WMA". April 2011, made ​​the first production Betteroads mixing "Warm Mix" in Puer

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  • What is the "Warm Mix Asphalt" (WMA)?
    It is the generic term for a variety of technologies in which additives which enable the preparation of the mixture to an average temperature of 280 ° F, 30 ° F to 120 ° lower F than the commonly used hot mixture was used ("HMA "). Among the major additives include: organic, chemical and foam. We work with "Rediset" which combines surfactants and organic agents that increase lubrication in the mix.
Founded in 1954, We have seven asphalt plants all around Puerto Rico and located in St. Thomas. We have paved more than 25,000 miles around the entire island, thus making road improvement projects, expressways, airports, among others. Betterecycling Corporation: Industry pioneer founded in 1997 to implement quality controls for: Reducing Pollution, Environmental Protection, Natural Resource Conservation, We have five plants around the whole island, which only produce recycled asphalt. Benefits, Production of heat, smoke and strong odors, fossil energy consumption, significantly reduces emissions of carbon dioxide CO2. Other benefits: Provides more time to be used, which allows the transportation of mixtures to more distant projects and better compaction is obtained. Reduces worker fatigue heat, improving working conditions.