Benitez Aviation Flying School


  • Isla Grande Airport Hangar 12 North Ramp, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00923



  • We are located in Isla Grande Airport in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Products or Services

  • Benitez Aviation Flying School is FAA Part 61 deliver instruction the following Part 61 training courses:

    Basic Ground School (Rotorcraft and Fixed-wing)
    Private Pilot License Eligibility and Requirements (Rotorcraft and Fixed-wing)
    Commercial Pilot License Eligibility and Requirements (Rotorcraft and Fixed-wing)
    Instrument Rating (Rotorcraft Helicopter) (Rotorcraft and Fixed-wing)
    Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) (Helicopter and Airplane Training)

    All our instructors are experienced professional helicopter and airplane pilots who are able to impart their commercial flying experience and knowledge when teaching their students.

Benitez Aviation Flying School (BAFS) is a company founded by its owner Capt. Carlos Benitez who is passionate about aviation. With the desire of making aviation accessible to each person, the idea to create a flying school for those who want to develop a new hobby or those who want to make a career path in the aviation was born. We train students using reliable and affordable aircrafts. Our courses are offered in Spanish and the handbooks are in English. Our instructors are fully bilingual to make accessible the pilot’s courses for every language speaker. Our Mission: Be the best aviation school in the Caribbean, focused on providing the best preparation for future pilots. Our Vision: We are committed to providing the best education with highly qualified pilots who are focused on the principle of customer service. Our Values: Integrity: We are guided by the highest standards of ethics, integrity and morality. The trust our clients place is of utmost important. Service: We achieve satisfaction and loyalty of our customers adding value to each interaction. A smile is our branding signature. Excellence:We believe that there is an only way to do things: well from the beginning