Bandi Tech

Bandi Tech

 "Bandi Tech - Simplifying Your Tech Life"


  • Calle Cesar González #570, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918


Products or Services

  • • Home and Office PCs
    • High Performance PCs
    • Ultra Compact Mini-ITX PCs
    • Laptops
    • Custom PCs
    • Water Cooling for PCs

At Bandi Tech, we know technology. We fix and update any brand and model of PC. We treat your equipment as if it were ours. For us, technology is like art, nobody loves it more than us. 

We are committed to pamper and give you the white glove treatment every time.  We are "geeks", but we communicate in your language. We will guide you through the process so you can do the little things to keep your technology running smoothly. 

We offer expert services at a competitive price. Superhuman brain power has its price, but we are committed to being reasonable and fair. 

No matter how difficult, we are determined to get it right.