Starbright Academy

Starbright Academy

 "Lighting the hearts of their children"


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Products or Services

  • Grades:
    Primary, Secondary, Higher and Post Secondary

    Regular and special education individualized education.

    Small groups
    Educational services "one to one"
    Homeschooling "Home Base program"
    Curriculum independent living
    School integrated with multidisciplinary team.

    Speech-language therapy; occupational; psychological; education and prevention of neurological stimulation, assessments of growth and educational development consultations for children with autism and ADD

    The only institution in Puerto Rico that works the methodology Fun "ABA"

    If your son or daughter has any of these difficulties or other behaviors that you worry, it is possible that you find useful an intervention based on the model of the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

    What is ABA and therapy?
    • "ABA" Applied Behavior Analysis means (Applied Behavior Analysis)
    • Aba are the principles that form the basis of many behavioral treatments.
    • ABA is based on the science of learning and behavior.
    • ABA therapy is used to improve language and communication skills.
    • ABA therapy is used to reduce behaviors that can interfere with learning or that may be harmful.
    • ABA therapy is used to increase alertness, concentration, social skills, and academic results.

    Speech, Occupational and Physical

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Our obligation is to prepare our students with the combination of a good education and the tools to succeed. We intend to develop in them the ability to make quick and informed decisions. Be productive and independent citizens. We assume with passion, enthusiasm, determination and a dynamic hope our purpose. They have created strict criteria established high expectations and we are confident that our students face the world prepared and ready to achieve their dreams.