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Oscar Crespo Corp. - Abogados de Seguro Social

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  • - Disability social insurance cases
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Oscar Crespo Corp. we are dedicated to helping disability social security cases. The importance of starting your disability Social Security case with adequate legal representation:

When starting a disability Social Security case there are many doubts and questions that arise in this regard. Some of the questions you might have are:

What should I do with my medical evidence?

How should I answer the questions in the questionnaires they send me?

What are the terms by law I have to submit the various documents they send me?

What are the vocational rules that might apply to my case?

What conditions are relevant to establishing my disability?

What is the treatment to follow according to my conditions?

It is completely normal for a person to ask themselves these and many more questions when starting their Social Security disability case. It is a very tedious process that requires time and dedication to be able to present a well-founded case.

Initiating your case with proper legal representation guarantees you that you will not be alone during this arduous process. Taking the weight off having to work with excessive documentation and being confident that a team trained to handle this type of case will handle all issues related to your claim is something that will ensure proper preparation and guidance throughout the process.

If you have initiated or are in the process of initiating a disability Social Security claim, you may contact at our office.

** Located in front of the Glidden paint shop and beside to the Walgreens pharmacy on Emilio Fagot Avenue.