Centro Ararat, Clínica de Medicina Primaria


  • #8169 Condominio San Vicente Suite 412 Calle Concordia, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00717


Products or Services

  • • Primary Medicine
    • Family medicine
    • Internal Medicine
    • Infectology
    • Psychology
    • Nutrition
    • Case management
    • Pharmacy services
    • Rapid HIV testing
    • PrEP
    • Nurse
    • Health certificates
    • Research study 
    • Its Tests
    • Sampling
    • Vaccine

Centro Ararat, Inc. it is a community-based non-profit organization founded in 2001. It offers primary health care services at its six clinics and two pharmacies, located in the cities of Ponce, Juana Díaz, San Juan and Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Primary Medicine Clinic

We provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service of primary health care in an inclusive and welcoming environment, with highly qualified personnel. We offer preventive care services, routine physical examinations, management of chronic health problems such as diabetes and hypertension and infectious diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis. 

CA Pharmacy

Our doctors and pharmacy technicians focus on understanding and responding to the needs of our participants as part of primary health care. We conduct individualized consultations, evaluation of side effects and drug contraindications and provide counseling to promote adherence to the patient's treatment plan. Patient participation in drug assistance programmes is also facilitated.