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  • • Accident Lawyers
    • Falls and Medical Malpractice of Puerto Rico

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  • • Auto Accident Lawyers
    • Motor and / or truck accident lawyer
    • Falls
    • Inheritance
    • Declaration of heirs
    • Expropriations
    • Damages and damages with a practice in Puerto Rico.

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The Office of Lawyers Briere Law Offices is dedicated to the Civil Practice in Puerto Rico with emphasis on Auto Accidents, Accident Motor, Truck Accidents, Falls on Sidewalks, Public and Private Places, and Bad Medical Practice.  We specialize in the area of damage and injury in Puerto Rico.  If you've had injuries of any kind, we can guide you. We work on complex cases with brain damage, fractures, disabilities, dismemberment, deaths and everything.  We also work simple cases.  Extensive experience in civil litigation.


We represent injuries with fractures, surgery, therapy, disfigurement, limb loss, in simple cases, complexes and deaths. 


In the above-mentioned cases of damage we provide cost-free guidance! and we Only Charge If we Win The Case.


On the other hand, if you have a case of inheritance in Puerto Rico, Declaration of heirs in Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico we can also assist you.


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