Wound Care Center - Hospital Bella Vista


  • Carr. #349 Km. 2.7, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00681


Products or Services

  • Conditions treated at the Center for Wound Healing and Ulcers Bella Vista Hospital:

    - Diabetic ulcers -
    - Ulcers Neuropathy
    - Pressure ulcers
    - Ischemic Ulcers
    - Venous insufficiency
    - Trauma Wounds
    - Surgical wounds
    - Vasculitis
    - Burns
    - Peristomal skin irritation
    - Venous ulcers
    - All types of skin wounds that do not heal

    Conditions set by Medicare to treat with hyperbaric chambers:

    - Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    - Skin grafting committed
    - Osteoradionecrosis
    - Progressive necrotizing infections
    - Actinomycosis
    - Chronic refractory osteomyelitis
    - Soft tissue radionecrosis
    - Injuries or crush injuries
    - Gas Gangrene
    - Acute idiopathic Deafness
Wound Healing Center and Hospital ulcers Bella Vista.   We are a center that for more than 12 years has been dedicated to the healing of ulcers and all types of skin wounds that do not heal. We offer a variety of treatments and dressings according to patient need. Our patients are served in person by a specialized and certified registered nurses ulcers doctor. In addition to that we have hyperbaric chamber treatment, recognized as the most advanced on the market to address and heal the most ulcers, wounds and radiation burns.   More than 95% of patient satisfaction and 98% of our patients are cured by an average of 28 days.   For more information, contact us at (787) 652.6028 or (787) 652.6001 Ext.16010