Hogar Amor y Paz Inc.


  • Urb. San José Calle Duarte #23, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00682


Products or Services

  • - Specialists in the prevention and care of wounds and ulcers
    - Specialists in the care of patients with Alzheimer's disease
    - All rooms have air conditioning, Fan, TV with programs like; Netflix, Roku, and Wifi.
    - Private and shared rooms
    - Power plant and cisterns
    - Security cameras
    - Certified by family Department.
    - Medical office and nursing station
    - Professional nurses 24/7 at home and in hospital.
    - Specialist Doctors
    -Psychologist, Social Worker, and Spiritual Service
    - Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy.
    - Home Care and hospice service
    - Laboratory and pharmacy service
    - Ambulance Service
    -Service Veteran
    - Hairdressing service
    - Recreational Leader
    -Recreational Area (Terrace)
    - Home garden (planting of squash, cabbage, cilantrillo and culantro)
    - Musical entertainment, exercises (zumba) art and crafts and activities in all epochs
    -Video Chat
    -Security team 24/7

Our goal is to make them feel at home, providing them with a welcoming, family atmosphere, peace and enjoyment with the best quality of life.

Home Love And Peace is a modern home that ensures you well-being, health, safety, care, comfort, love, company, happiness and a great commitment to provide the best service for our nursing and social work staff.

We have effective communication between family and home staff.