Caribbean Musculoskeletal and Rehab LLC


  • #29 Norte Calle Peral, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00680



  • We accept most health plans.

Products or Services

  • Physical Medicine Service:
    - Diagnostic Sonography
    - Therapeutic injections
    - Injections of platelet-rich plasma
    - Blocks Epidural
    - Nerve conduction studies and electromyography
    - Referrals for physical therapy
    - Referrals for medical equipment
    - Evaluation of patient amputees

    Service weight control clinic:
    - Medical supervision
    - Nutrition education modules
    - Meal Replacement
    - Diets
Caribbean Musculoskeletal and Rehab is a limited liability corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Our goal in Musculosqueletal ly Rehabilitacional Caribbean Center is to provide patients with the best and most highly innovative non-surgical treatments for a host of musculoskeletal conditions and other problems that impede the quality of life. One of the main problems while trying painful conditions of various parts of the body is to find out the exact location of the pain generator. This can sometimes be quite challenging and in many cases can only be determined by the process of elimination. Pick up a solid history and physical examination are essential in trying to identify the problem.