Dr. Aurelio Ruiz Luciano - Dentista Pediátrico

Dr. Aurelio Ruiz Luciano - Dentista Pediátrico

 Exceptional Care For Your Children


  • Manatí Medical Center Suite 208 Calle José Candelas #1 Sect. La Lomita, Manatí, Puerto Rico 00674


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Dr. Aurelio Ruiz is a Pediatric Dentist with offices in Manatí and Bayamón. With more than 30 years of experience, he offers extended dental services, including services for anxious children, those who are afraid of dentist, those with special needs and infants who present behavioral problems in dental environment.

It offers comprehensive oral rehabilitation treatment of entire mouth in one visit and provides treatment of all of your child's dental needs and cavities under general anesthesia at PR Children's Hospital in Bayamon PR.

Our motto is to save all teeth for good oral health so their function and the aesthetics of a nice smile are maintained. We avoid as much as possible to extract teeth, to preserve space and save patient future expenses in hooks or "braces".

Dr. Ruiz also performs eruption guidance treatment to monitor tooth space and accommodation, palate expansion and preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatment. We place "braces" to align teeth and perform maxillofacial orthopedic treatment on patients with retrognathic jaws and convex or "bunny" profiles. We replace anterior teeth in pre-school patients who have lost their anterior teeth to non-restorable cavities, on the same day they receive their teeth extractions, so your child will never look to be missing teeth or "dented".

Dr. Ruiz is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and a Fellow of the American Society of Dentistry for Children. He was trained at the University of PR School of Dental Medicine and the University Children's Hospital. He was the director of the Dental Clinic at the Manatee Area Hospital for 16 years. He was also president of the PR Dental Examination Board for 4 years. Currently he is dedicated exclusively to his private practice.