Los Domplines


  • Calle Muñoz Rivera #57, Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico 00795


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The Domplines restaurant and cafe, is an establishment founded in 2003 that has since been concerned about providing the best service either with our varied menu as our excellent service.

There are many people who make dompines, but it is only ours that make people identify daily with our exquisite and unique recipe that undoubtedly has given of that to speak throughout all these years. As if that were not enough, we have not limited ourselves to what is daily, domplines with beans and other, in our menu we have a large variety of domplines stuffed, examples of these are: Domplines triplets, "Sandwiches" domplin Domplin With ham cheese and egg and an endless number of other creations that make us not only the public's favorites but also the number one in the entire southern area.