Dr. Luis Morell


  • Hospital Ryder Memorial Suite 404, Humacao, Puerto Rico 00936


Products or Services

  • We take the whole patient into account during your visit, and we do not focus solely on their physical features.

    In some cases, we will recommend consultation with beauticians, fitness trainers, nutritionists or certified massage therapists to make your optimum results.

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty whose role is to lead normal functional and anatomical body coverage, ie the body shape of people. Seeks to reconstruct surgically correcting deformities and functional deficiencies by transforming the human body. Plastic surgery has been divided from a practical point of view into two fields. Reconstructive or restorative surgery, including microsurgery, is focused on hides and rebuild the destructive effects of an accident or trauma, congenital defects and malformation of a tumor or cancer resection.

Reconstructive or restorative surgery uses different techniques: osteosynthetic transfer of tissue flaps and autologous healthy parts of the body affected, etc. Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, is performed in order to modify those body parts that are not satisfactory.