Sérénité Spa


  • Edificio MPOP Carr 493 Suite 112, Hatillo, Puerto Rico 00659


Products or Services

  • • We work by appointment, to call the same day the appointment will depend on the space available
    • Reservations for groups of three or more will require a deposit
    • No children allowed in waiting room
    • In service packages the money will not be returned
    • Quotations have a validity period of one month
    • Gift certificates have two months to redeem them, after this date will be honored the certificate for the value of the same and not for the service that was purchased. They are not exchanged for money and must be used by the person to whom it was awarded. To redeem them must be notified at the time of the appointment to be able to separate the time needed according to the service.

Who is Sérénité Spa? According to studies of health and lifestyles today it is recognized that many of the health conditions of people, are caused by the tensions of the newspaper. Now men and women are increasingly worried about their image and personal care. Serenite Spa is a cosmetic center specialized in the prevention and care of the skin. Established since April 2007. Services are offered to men and women of all ages, children and adolescents. Their commitment is to help people look and feel younger in an environment of complete relaxation, comfort and accessibility. The services are offered with the most advanced technologies in the care of the skin and in an environment in which music therapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy are integrated. In addition the services are directed and supervised by its owner Raquel Rodríguez Monje which has more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics. Serenite Spa offers services of: Deep Cleansing, Moisturizing, Exfoliation, Microdermabrasion and Hydrodermabrasion, Photorejuvenation, Blue Light (Acne), Oxygen Therapy, Lifting, Treatment of specific areas (eyes, neck, lips, hands and feet) Body treatments (cellulite, toning, tired legs, sauna type mask and exfoliation), Therapeutic Massage and sale of products for the care in the home. It also offers the new concept of Nano Lounge (short service for those who do not have much time). Sérénité Spa specializes in offering personalized services that go according to the evaluation and analysis of the skin in which their needs and concerns are considered and in this way an individualized care plan is designed in cabin and for the home, that can satisfy your needs. The services are designed with three lines of products recognized and established in the market for more than forty years and that respond to the main needs and concerns in the aesthetic field: 1. French commercial line 2. Line Clinic of anti-aging technology products and equipment (Microcurrents). 3. Organic line 100% natural, people pro environment, cancer conditions, pregnant, reactive skins, children and adolescents.