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  • Carr. #493 Km. 0.9, Hatillo, Puerto Rico 00659


Products or Services

  • • Our previous experience with complicated neurological, metabolic and biomechanical cases empowers us to develop different strategies for the best care of patients.

    • The CHCN team in Puerto Rico uses the innovative science of Functional Neurology in conjunction with Chiropractic Care for the management and rehabilitation of the following:

    • Acute and Chronic Pain (eg, Spasms, Fibromyalgia)
    • Neurological Rehabilitation (eg, stroke)
    • Brain contusions (eg, blows to the head)
    • Balance problems (eg, dizziness, dizziness)
    • Developmental Disorders (eg ADD, ADHD)
    • Brain Fatigue, Attention and Focus Problems
    • Anxiety, Panic Disorders, PTSD, Depression
    • Orthopedic rehabilitation

    We also work on Optimization of:
    • Sports Performance
    • Cognitive Performance
    • Executive Performance

    • Exclusive CHCN therapies for these conditions use specific brain activity as a therapeutic approach. We use objective diagnostic evaluations to understand the function and current state of the nervous system. As we understand how the brain and nervous system interact with other systems, individualized therapeutic strategies are developed to optimize the patient's health.

    • Caribe Health Chiropractic Neurology aims to help the people of Puerto Rico achieve optimal neurological and systemic health in a natural way. Our center is located in the town of Hatillo, Puerto Rico.

Payment methods

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Welcome to Caribe Health Chiropractic Neurology...

Caribbean Health Chiropractic Neurology (CHCN), an integrated health management center whose main mission is to evaluate and treat the patient from a functional perspective without the use of medications and / or surgeries.

Our innovative approach is based on the fact that no system in our body works alone, as living beings we are the sum of all our systems and their particular function.

We use chiropractic, cold laser and functional neurology techniques.