Tazza D' Oro Caffe


  • Carr. #3 Km. 135.3 Galería Plaza Guayama Local 1C, Guayama, Puerto Rico 00784


Products or Services

  • • Coffee
    • Breakfast
    • Lunches
    • Brunch

Tazza D 'Oro Caffè is a coffee shop with a wide and varied menu. Even though we specialize in breakfast all day. We have Lunch and even dinner, with a touch of bistro type. Each dish has a unique and different touch that distinguishes it. With coffee we go a little further, with more than 12 flavors to choose. A very pleasant, cozy atmosphere, good music and affordable prices for all kinds of consumers. Our coffee is Gusto Reserva from Yauco, with every consumption in Tazza D 'Oro Caffè you are contributing to the local economy and Puerto Rican farmers.


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