Oscar BBQ Asadores PR

Oscar BBQ Asadores PR

 Grilling and Chilling!


  • Servicio área norte.


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  • Available in five sizes:
    • Camping 5-10 people / 5-8 lb of meat
    • Small 20 – 25 people | 15-20 lb of meat
    • Medium 35-40 people / 35-40 lb of meat
    • Large 50 – 55 people | 50-55 lb of meat
    • Extra large 75-80 people / 65-70 lb of meat

There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious outdoor BBQ with family and friends. Well, maybe for those who are not slaves to stand in front of the grill while everyone else enjoys it. Oscar BBQ Asadores PR will help you get out of your role as a cook so you can enjoy it alongside your loved ones. Our stainless steel grills allows you to place your meats vertically and prevent you from constantly having to check their status. Just place your meats, enjoy the party, serve and Bon Appetit!

Best of all, these grills are completely removable for you to take to your favorite spots. Use the Oscar BBQ Asadores PR to prepare your favorites from Puerto Rican style BBQ. Chicken, beef and pork that will cooked to perfection, tender and juicy.