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  • • The first and most important technique in the office is the NS of Network Spinal

    • Precise and gentle touches on certain accesses of the nervous system in the spine to encourage the brain to create new strategies of well-being. These strategies are developed through two healing waves: respiratory wave and somato-psychic wave. These waves are associated with the spontaneous release of the cord and stresses stored in the column related events throughout our life and uses them as energy source for the reorganization of the nervous system and creation of a new level of neural integration. In this way the desired results are achieved and sustained through the posture. This technique is founded by Dr. Donald Epstein, a chiropractor, and is one of the most researched chiropractic techniques currently performed because of its unique model of dynamism and its association with chaotic mathematics.

    • The second technique used in the office is the Activator Method.

    • The Activator Method is a chiropractic technique that is characterized by its instrument, the Activator, as an alternative adjustment to manual bone adjustments in both the spine and the extremities.

    • This instrument has four levels of low intensity, where each level is specific to a certain area of ​​the body. This innovative idea developed by Dr. Warren Lee and Arlan Fuhr, Chiropractors and is one of the most chiropractic techniques with clinical research supporting its effectiveness and one of the most clinically supported techniques by Medicare.

The classic question that all people ask themselves when they see the name or the propaganda of the office is you: "bone pickers,” “pull one side by side,”"crack crack on one body and go." These comments among others are the most common and the associations most people have about chiropractors. These metaphors are due to the fact that most chiropractic offices use types of chiropractic techniques where bone spinal adjustment strongly rules among the chiropractic techniques they use with their patients. THIS IS NOT THE CASE IN OUR OFFICE. Our office uses two subtle chiropractic techniques in the body where it allows us to work with both the neurology of the patient and his nervous system (spinal cord) as well as the joints of both the spine, extremities (arms and legs) among others in a precise and subtle way.