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Surya Sol Sun Spiritual Services in Puerto Rico

Are you looking for guidance in life? Are you living a lie and want to rid all illusion? Do you want insight on your life and are sick of fakers? Are you ready for your life to change? It can immediately with some guidance.


The first part of our practice is the Three Suns. They represent mind, body, and spirit. The difference in our system is that each sun represents mind, body, and spirit. This is the point of true wholeness which lies inside everyone. Our job at the Three Suns is to make sure that you progress into your net stage of life gracefully whether its relating to your health, job, money, love, family, friends, and anything that has an impact in your life on your well being.

We provide a variety of self help services for people to better their health and over all life. We cater towards all people no matter what age, religion or economic standing. Our services are advanced and are proven to help you get some peace and clarity in life. Our Master's offer spiritual readings, energy clearings, tarot readings, service mentorships, martial arts and yoga instruction, Reiki Healing, meditation, nutritional help, apprenticeships, blessed products, spiritual retreats,  family mentoring and more services to attract what you want into your life.

For athletes and anyone recovering from injury, we offer our system of Kundalini, Reiki, and Chi energy to help remove any blockages and help accelerate the healing process. Each human body has the ability to heal, the rate of which depends on the emotional, physical, or mental health of the being. Our Three Suns system will erase all the trauma and pain you have and allow for new growth. Sessions start at $10.

Develop a greater understanding of living. Bring more love, money, business, and opportunities into your life.We also offer NLP sessions on suggestion for people and businesses that want to expand their minds to and fulfill their millionaire mindset.


We are located in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

All sessions are in English. Sessions are by appointment only. Click here to contact.