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  • 65th Ave. Infantería, Km 6.4, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00984



  • • Used car dealership

Products or Services

  • Here we have the car you want at unbeatable prices. Our experience of over 50 years ensuring your peace of mind.

    We are currently the dealership selling used cars in the metro area's largest certified, and we have an extensive inventory of over 200 units.

    We also have our service department PSC guarantees for all units 2005 to 2015 including hybrid cars and CVT transmissions and when I break another reward.

Payment methods

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  • Credit CardCredit Card

Has it happened to you that when looking for a car you have lost time and money, and when it finally seemed that you found it, it was not what you expected? Well, no more! Here we have the car you are looking for at prices without competition. Our experience of more than 50 years guarantees your peace of mind.

We are not the only ones but we are the best. Do not take risks when selling or buying your car, and let us advise you. Pita Auto Sales' commitment has always been the satisfaction of all our customers. We are currently the largest certified used car dealership in the metro area, with an extensive inventory of more than 200 units.

Contact us and you will shortly receive all the information about the car you are looking for. Buy today and drive away… all our units are sold with a guarantee.