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  • • Safety Products.
    • First Aid Products.
    • Exit & Emergency Lighting.
    • Signs
    • Labels & Tags.
    • Service Equipment.
    • Fire Extinguisher Parts.
    • Restaurant System Parts.

Products or Services

  • • Fire Extinguisher & Chemical.
    • Cabinets, accesories & Covers.
    • Fire Hose
    • Nozzles
    • Brass & Hose Valves.
    • Emergency Response Products.
    • Sprinkler accessories & Standpipe Equipment.
    • Fire Alarm Products.

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Since 1997 we are the leaders in the fire prevention industry; Our products are selected from the best manufacturers considering the quality and performance required by the industry for the market of use from residential to manufacturing. We can protect your family and your business - starting from alarms for carbon monoxide to fire extinguishers, fire covers, and much more ... Call us now and we'll provide you with the equipment you need.