CPA Ramón Quiñones


  • Paseo de Los Gigantes SL-1, Via-21 Villa Fontana, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00984


Products or Services

  • - Audits:
    - Review and Compilation:
    Commercial personal financial statements
    - Assistance in Financing
    - Expert Witness
    Disputes or litigation
    Collection of money
    - Financial planning:
    Administrative and fiscal
    - Business plans:
    External and Internal
    Organizational -Restructuring
    - Representations Contributivas
    - Other Agreed Services
    - Private Accounting Office
    Accounts payable and receivable
    Accounting records
    Financial statements
    Forms of all kinds
    Deposit and electronic filings
    Staff recruitment
    Your receivables squared up
    Incorporation services
    Asset Protection Plans
    Personnel manuals
    Digitized reports
    Follow-up meetings tramítales

Certified Fraud Examiners * Fraud Audits - investigates allegations of fraud obtaining evidence, taking statements and finally issuing a report of findings. * Expert Witness - In court proceedings on fraud. * Support internal audit department - In investigations of cases of misappropriation of fund and assist authorities in the process criminal against those who committed fraud. * Divorce or inheritances - Support for the legal division in civil litigation cases of fraud or hidden assets. * Hazard Analysis - advise management on how to improve their abilities to discover and deter fraud in the operation in general.