Ryoshi Goju Ryu


  • Coliseo Carlos Miguel Mangual, Canóvanas, Puerto Rico 00729


Products or Services

  • Karate classes for children, youth and adfultos.
    4 years or more

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Ryoshi is a non-profit organization duly registered in the State Department that meets all the documents required by the government of Puerto Rico. Promotes physical, emotional, mental, social and cultural well-being of children / as, youth and adults of 4 years or older, of both sexes, through discipline, respect and responsibility, which is obtained from the martial arts by giving the necessary tools to who they possess the skills, knowledge and skills to defend and maintain respect with their peers, promoting sports, health and wellness as a way of life attitudes. We offer karate classes 8 hours per month for the whole family to help with family integration. We help parents changing the behavior of their children through martial arts. Through physical activity, they will achieve gain confidence, develop their motor skills, physical and emotional condition, promote family union, countering laziness, peer pressure and "bullying". They learn self defense in a fun way and avoid conflict situations.