J. Candelaria Electric Work


  • Carr. #185, Canóvanas, Puerto Rico 00729


Products or Services

  • New projects
    - Substations
    - Electrical circuits
    - Power Lines
    - Electric Panels
    - Capacity Building
    - Electric plants

    Exterior lighting
    - Gardens and Pools
    - Sports, Golf and Parking
    - Sculptures
    - Commercial Facades

    Interior lighting
    - Offices
    - Hotels
    - Storage
    - Malls
    - Housing Complex

    Lighting Systems Automation
    - Timers
    - photocell
    - Motion sensors
    - "Vantage Automation Systems" (smart dhouse)
    - Maintenance
    - Sub-Stations
    - Lighting Systems (parks, shopping centers, parking lots, hotels, public areas, gardens)
    Installation and Maintenance of Solar Posts

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • CheckCheck
J. Candelaria Electric Work & Landscape Lighting, Inc. is a leading company that provides electrical services specializing in the area of ​​lighting to residential, commercial and industrial. His team has certified expert electricians. They are distinguished by their professionalism and experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of electrical and exterior systems, interior lighting for gardens, parks, fields, recreational areas, facades, parking lots, offices, warehouses and residences; and automation of such systems.   Within its emergency services they are replacing transformers in substations, replacement of poles, maintenance of substations, electrical certificates and census loads. They have specialized equipment: auger crane boom type and type basket.   Among its clients are the directors of condominiums, housing developments, shopping malls, hotels and recreation centers. In recent years changes in the industry maintaining and replacing existing systems more effective as the technology LED, fluorescent and solar electric injection systems they have been an important factor throughout oraganización seeking savings in electrical energy which is one of the higher spending on all day today complex. We are certified for the installation of photovoltaic systems and solar systems.