Any Parts Corp.


  • Ave. Gautier Benitez A-3, Caguas, Puerto Rico 00949


Products or Services

  • Sale and installation of:
    Starters, alternators, rack & pinion, distributor ignition, power steering pumps, shafts, air flow meter boxes guidelines.
    Light mechanical:
    upfront train
    Belts and timing belts
    Water pumps
    Tune-ups (oil and filter)
    changing buffers (bottle)
    engine mounts (points)
    We offer towing services.
    Lifetime warranty on parts remanufacture.

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • Credit CardCredit Card

We are a company that sells and remanufacturing auto parts wholesale and retail. We have a strong inventory for American vehicles, European, Japanese and Korean. "Starters", alternators, rack & pinion, "ignition distributor" pumps "power steering" axes, air flow meter, boxes of new or remanufactured guides with lifetime warranty. Our team of professionals will provide the best job market both in terms of advice as to keeping your car with a fully guaranteed service, without having to return again for a job poorly done, as in other similar companies. We are distributors of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts, American, European, Korean and Japanese. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our lines.