Laboratorio Clínico La 100

Laboratorio Clínico La 100

 "Laboratory distinguished by a personalized, fast and quality service"


  • 2301 Carr. # 100 Km 6.0 Ste. # 103, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 00623



  • We accept most medical plans, including Health care Reform Vital (Triple-S, MMM, First Medical,Mennonite and Molina)

Products or Services

  • • Clinical trials as: hematology, urinalysis, chemical as glucose, cholesterol, cardiac enzymes, tests for thyroid and prostate cancers
    • Bacteriology Test
    • Serological tests and coagulation
    • Influenza, Mycoplasma and COVID-19 test with the same day result
    •  Male infertility test and marriage Tests with results on the same day
    •  We process culture samples and bacterial identification

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • Credit CardCredit Card

It opened its doors on August 2, 2002 with an innovative project to serve the people of Cabo Rojo and bordering areas. The laboratory has professional and friendly staff headed by the Lcda. Aracelys Morales.

• ACT diff for Hematology • Chemstrip for Urinalysis • Coag-A-Mate XM for Coagulation • Cobas Integra 800 for Chemistry • Elecsys 2010 for Endocrinology • Vitek Jr. for Bacteriology.

Laboratory distinguished by a personalized, fast and quality service.

Committed to our patients 100%.

We were honored by OSHA (Employee Safety Department).

Always to serve you optimally.

Home service.

We have handicap areas.

Servi-car for collection of results.

Helpful staff.