Trópico Centro de Desarrollo del Niño


  • Calle Tilo EA 22-23-24, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00961


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  • Curriculum and Levels

    We offer a complete and varied academic program.
    Our curriculum is composed of the following areas:

    • Language arts (Spanish)
    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Sciences
    • Social Studies
    • Values
    • Physical Education
    • Computers

    The Center is organized into the following levels:

    • Maternal (2 years)
    • Pre-Pre
    • Pre-Kinder
    • Kinder
    • First Degree
    • Second Degree

    As part of the Daily Program, Trópico offers to your children lunch and snacks, designed by a registered dietician. Parents will provide them with a copy of the menu.

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Trópico opened its doors in 1982 with the commitment to offer an education via games, the exploration and the senses. Since its inception, our interest has been to provide the child with the materials and activities appropriate to their age in an environment of integration, harmony, respect, and motivation. Our teachers have the appropriate academic preparation for the courses and levels that offer. Goals and Objectives We want to develop in our children the excellence through a full academic program. Prepare children so that the cognitive development keeps pace with their physical, social and emotional development. Create social awareness through the development of values. Contribute to their individual capacities so that they can reach their full potential. Tropic account with the following certifications and licenses required by the Department of the family: • License from the Department of the Family • License of the General Education Council of Puerto Rico • Certification of the firefighters of Puerto Rico • Certification from the Department of Health We also offer in the month of June the "Month Recreational" where recreational activities are on offer, arts and crafts workshops and excursions.