Radiadores Lizardi & Auto Air

Radiadores Lizardi & Auto Air

 Radiators, General Mechanics, Air Conditioners and More


  • Carr. #2 Calle 42 Bloque 45 #23 Sierra Bayamón, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00961


Products or Services

  • • Mechanical workshop
    • Sale and repair of radiators
    • Car air conditioning
    • Installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial airs
    • Electromechanical
    • Front end
    • Oil and filter change
    • Alignment

Payment methods

  • CashCash
  • ATHMovilATHMovil
  • Credit CardCredit Card

At Radiadores Lizardi & Auto Air, we offer the highest quality services in general mechanics, radiator repair, electromechanics and air conditioners for cars. In addition, we offer residential and commercial air conditioning service. We have a variety of airs for sale and we offer installation, repair and maintenance services.